How to Get Started Selling Handmade Jewelry

Published: 11th October 2011
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So, youíre ready to embark upon the wonderful world of retail using your creative knack for designing handcrafted jewelry? Kudos to you for having that entrepreneurial spirit! Now, where do you begin?

If youíve been making handmade jewelry for awhile as gifts for your friends or just to wear on your own, then probably you already have what it takes for jewelry design. However, launching your own business is a whole different scene than just sitting at your dining room table and creating handcrafted jewelry as a hobby. It requires knowing more about the business side, which is where many artisans get overwhelmed by the many details that go along with having a business.

Donít let this deter you. Here are some pointers that can help you on your quest of making a "go of it" with your new handmade jewelry enterprise:

1. Start out small: Donít try to undertake too much. If you try to open a whole retail store when youíre really only ready to build your collection slowly this can lead to having too much overhead. Instead, try to get your handmade jewelry positioned at some local stores and work on your jewelry business on the side.

2. Have a plan: Of course every entrepreneur will tell you to make a business plan. This is important even for a small handmade jewelry business because it will give you ideas, goals and direction as well as letting you see the "big picture".

3. Do some research: Whether you start by asking questions of people who are already in the business or by scouring the internet, you can learn many of the ins-and-outs of jewelry-making and selling right from your own computer.

4. Name your company: Think of a catchy and memorable name that sets your handcrafted jewelry apart from others online. Then register your name and set up an LLC or DBA with your state. You may want to look into other requirements so as not to get in trouble with Uncle Sam.

5. Get a website: Even if you donít have a lot of money to spend in the beginning for your jewelry-making business, you can find inexpensive templates on sites like or to make a storefront for your handmade jewelry.

6. Take pictures: If you donít have a nice digital camera, find a friend or relative who does. Showcasing your handcrafted jewelry items means putting some effort in the presentation because ultimately this will grab your buyers and make them want to "add" your items to the shopping cart!

7. Consult the local small business services: Many colleges or small business development offices will offer free or inexpensive support and workshops that help entrepreneurs get started on the right track. Look into what is available in your community and sign up!

8. Stick with it: Of course, designing handmade jewelry should ultimately be fun and that is why you have chosen to pursue your passion as a career. Keep in mind that there will be highs and lows, so stick with it and donít give up.

Best of luck in your dreams of becoming a handmade Jewelry designer and entrepreneur! Most of all, you should be proud of your dedication and ambition.

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